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  • Blog Post: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    Hello World! I think I've just found my new HTML editor of choice in PowerShell it doesn't get much easier than this: PS D:\> ConvertTo-Html -title "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" -body "Hello World!" I'm Jorke Odolphi an Infrastructure Architect Evangelist for Microsoft Australia which is just about the coolest...
  • Blog Post: Tech.Ed Day 2/3 and Dusted

    Well that was the hugest Tech.Ed ever and all I can say is "ma legs, ma legs.. can't feel my legs!..". I spent the last 2 days on the MS showcase stand around the Dev Garten and talked to literally hundreds of customers and partners. For those that want to follow up with feel free to ping me . Caught...
  • Blog Post: Chaaaangess..

    With Frank returning to the mothership a few things have shuffled around, well not much for me anyway being the DPE teams "n00b".. I now report to Anna Liu who is like the smartest tech chick I know - which is awesome! I've also had a small title change so I'm now a Web Platform Architect Evangelist...