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  • Blog Post: HUGE performance increases with PHP on Windows 2008

    One of our local developers Dallas J Clark (Brisbane local) blogged about an article that shows PHP with a 130% performance increase on Windows Server 2008 - and of course there have been a few comments asking about the metrics of the comparison etc. So naturally I'm wading into to try and clear the...
  • Blog Post: FastCGI timeout on IIS7

    Had a couple of question this week around some issues that people were experiencing from long running PHP scripts that appear to timeout/hang and eventually stop/crash and is this problem with FastCGI or the application pool settings. Let’s take a look at the FastCGI settings in the ApplicationHost.config...
  • Blog Post: PHP on IIS7 for Shared Hosting- AWESOME article!

    check it out on IIS.NET -   here are a couple of excerpts from the article that I strongly recommend: ----------- PHP Security Recommendations The following recommendations describe how to tighten security of PHP in shared hosting environment...