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  • Blog Post: Infrastructure Architecture Design Questions

    This is very interesting and fairly comprehensive list of basic operational questions to ask when building the infrastructure on your web facing project - from the operations team . I love the breakdown of availability, this is something I've had lots of discussions with people in the past...
  • Blog Post: Developers Developers Developers – Steve Ballmer in Australia

    As part of a whirlwind visit to Sydney early next month, Steve Ballmer will be presenting Microsoft's future vision for developers in the world of software-plus-services. He'll discuss the next wave of technologies just launched at the Professional Developer Conference. There will also be a live Q&A...
  • Blog Post: What size footprint does your worker process leave?

    Well it all depends on what you are cramming into your request pipeline! With IIS7's modular architecture you have the ability to load only what you need to run. What does this mean - well let's look at the footprint of a worker process that has all default modules loaded, i.e. ASP/ASP.NET/CGI/Authorization...