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  • Blog Post: How to correct issue where ‘Operating System’ for Windows 2000 servers does not appear properly

    This is a recently discovered issue that has already been posted by Michael Michael on his great blog site, and there is an upcoming KB article as well. I’ve assembled step by step instructions for the SQL-challenged such as myself. The SQL tools required are free to download and explained at the bottom...
  • Blog Post: What is CPU Type in SCVMM 2008 R2 VM Processor Hardware Profile?

    A great colleague has written a simple, well illustrated article on the purpose of CPU types for virtual machine’s in SCVMM. This will serve as my reference from now on. Link below. Share with your peers. This issue pops up all the time with no great explanation until now. Thanks Mark! What is CPU...
  • Blog Post: Admin Console Taking Too Long to Load

    Another great find by Michael Michael. He has this written up beautifully, so I’ll just provide a link. You may be affected and need a resolution if you have these conditions: PRO Integration enabled Long load time for Admin Console VMMAdmin.exe has a large memory footprint Reason...