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  • Disable that Network Card!

    Here’s a tip I’d like to pass on that resulted solely from trial and error. I regularly see Failover Cluster, Hyper-V, NIC Teaming, VLANs, iSCSI networks and so on as components of a complex environment managed by SCVMM. Each of these components...
  • Admin Console Taking Too Long to Load

    Another great find by Michael Michael. He has this written up beautifully, so I’ll just provide a link. You may be affected and need a resolution if you have these conditions: PRO Integration enabled Long load time for Admin Console ...
  • Error 0x800704DD during VM migration, deployment, P2V or V2V

    In the last few weeks we have seen a few cases with an unusual error code: 0x800704DD. If you run into this issue the fix is simple. Our fearless leader Michael has posted a blog explaining the problem and how to fix it. Definitely worth a visit. Direct...

March, 2010

March, 2010