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  • New Features in SCVMM 2008 RC R2 Announced!

    Vishwa has posted a great article on new features in VMM RC R2. This goes beyond the features you may have read previously. I’ve listed the features below. Visit the SCVMM Blog for details. Thanks Vishwa!

    New SCVMM R2 RC Features in RC!

        Quick Storage Migration
        Queuing of Live Migrations
        Rapid Provisioning
        Host compatibility checks
        Support for 3rd party CFS
        Support for Veritas Volume Manager

  • Unable to connect to Self Service Portal (SSP)

    Error When connecting to the SSP there may be errors such as ‘Syntax Error’ or ‘Object Unexpected.’ This may manifest as a popup with a script error, or you may simply see a small yellow warning icon in the lower left hand pane of the browser. In any event, VMs cannot be accessed through the SSP.

    This issue can be caused by javascript being incorrectly sent to the IE clients due to NIC driver settings on the webserver (the one running IIS for SSP). Disable network optimization settings on the webserver NIC to get things working again.

    Settings to disable on IIS server NIC(s)

    • Disable ‘Large Send Offload IPv4’ per one of the articles listed below. Reboot.
    • If simply disabling ‘Large Send Offload IPv4’ does not work, follow the full list of instructions in Article 2.

    Article 1

    Network Connectivity. This article explains the many networking technologies provided by Intel cards. This article is used as it has great examples, not because Intel is affected more or less by this issue.

    Article 2


    Resolve Communication Issues in SCVMM – Part 1. A post of my own that explains how to disable all NIC optimizations for increased compatibility and to resolve certain network issues.

May, 2009

May, 2009