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  • Are All of My Servers Really Up to Date?

    With a single command you can pull a list of all installed updates. Use this to compare patch levels on all systems so you can easily target those not meeting the bar. We start with simple commands, then build on these to create robust queries with...
  • Hotfix Rollup Released for SCVMM - KB961983

    Released April 14, 2009, a number of Hotfixes have been rolled up into a single download. I strongly recommend this update for all SCVMM Servers. This update may require a reboot. This update replaces ‘KB959596 - Description of the System Center Virtual...
  • SCVMM Tracing Made Easy!

    This tool has been deprecated. Please see the new tool! Click here to use VMMTrace So you’ve run into a problem with VMM. Maybe your Hosts have lost connectivity with the SCVMM Server. Or, P2V fails for a certain machine every time...

April, 2009

April, 2009