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About Jonathan's Virtual Blog


About Jonathan's Virtual Blog

I run across a great deal of information any given day related to various virtualization technologies. Whether it be out of pure geek interest, or in resolving a customer issue, I often find myself with scattered nuggets of insight and information. This site represents the daily work and discoveries of a Microsoft Support Engineer who focuses on Microsoft Virtualization. My area of concentration is SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager), but you will find as I have that this technology is woven tightly into other technologies such as Hyper-V, Virtual Server, Clustering, WinRM, WMI, Networking, Active Directory, and so on. I have support experience with most of these technologies as well, so working them all together into understandable posts shouldn't be a stretch... I've worked with virtualization technologies for the past seven years. The industry is currently feverish with growth and ideas. This is a great time to expand your mind beyond the 'physical' box.