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Windows Server 200x Operating System Class

Windows Server 200x Operating System Class

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While creating some content late last year and playing around with the getClassPath script, I put together this chart of the Windows Server 200x Operating System class structure.  I stumbled across it while perusing my file system and, since I had put a fair amount of effort into it, I figured I would post it out here for everyone else to see.  I hope this will help in solidifying the concept of classes and hosting relationships.

Graphical display of each of the Windows Operating System classes.

* Microsoft.Windows.Server.2000.OperatingSystem
* Microsoft.Windows.Server.2003.OperatingSystem
* Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem


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  • Hej Jonathan,

    Thanks - it helps a lot to have a graphical overview when trying to understand how the classes relates.