After posting my first entry on Wednesday, dealing with “How to be a good blogger?”, I have been considering questions of philosophy.

What do I believe to be a good blog entry worthy of posting?

You see, I would like this blog to be successful.  I would like it to provide the greatest number of people with opportunity to discuss (presumably Microsoft-related) topics that are important to them in a way that they find valuable.

But what does that look like?

Based on my informal survey and experience, it seems like blog content falls into two broad categories:  Fact and opinion.

Some facts people care about.  Some they do not.

Facts invite consumers—people who either need a fact or do not need a fact, likely find it with a quick query against a search engine, and move on.

Opinion, on the other hand, invites discussion, and healthy discussion invites participation by more people, which adds value—all important success criteria.

Therefore, I present the following guiding philosophy for my future blog postings:

·         Each post will be aimed at providing value to you who read it and wish to discuss it.

·         If the post is opinion, it will, hopefully, invite you to think about it and respond.

·         If the post is fact, I will aim to make it unique, and it will invite you to explore it, perhaps developing additional facts and opinions.

·         I’m learning.  If this philosophy doesn’t work, I’ll change it.

I welcome your comments.