Life on Mars

Life on Mars

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What was all that about then?

I have my own theories about what happened but I'd like to hear yours.

Life On Mars

  • One school of thought is that he wasn't actually "awake" when he came out of his coma, but it was actually another phase in unconsciousness.  He choose to live out his cabbage days in a 1973 Coma rather than a 2006 Coma.

    not sure I agree, but an interesting theory...what do you think.?

    BTW, come on Mackens, Derby etc.... :o)

  • I like to think he did come out of his coma - realised that his life was dull as dishwater and decided to go back to 1973. Simple as that. Maybe.

    Apparently there's a 1980's spin off with Gene Hunt in it. Bring it on :)

    PS: We'll see you in the Championship next year.

  • Must admit that growing up in the 70's was "bostin", footie all day, chip butties for tea... :o) playstation generation don't know what they are missing.

    If the 80's version is anywhere near as good it will be well worth watching.... I love Gene Hunt, or maybe I've come over all Dorothy.!

    Hopefully you will stay down where you belong.

  • I was talking to the wife (Kerry/"er indoors") about footy the other day. When I were a lad we used to have 20 a side, jumpers for goalposts, mortal fear of parky etc etc.

    Now you're lucky if you see 2 people kicking a ball about on the local park.

    I think they model the 80's seried on the life of my colleague Mr Sayers. He lives in the 80's. IE He spends all his time in Flares and the Reflex.

  • I do miss the rows about whether the hood of your coat counts as the post or was the shot wide... and of course there was no such thing as offside with 20-a-side so you could goal hang when you were knackered.

    Does Mr Sayers roll his jacket sleeves up a la Miami Vice... :o).. or is that cause his arms are short.

  • We had a great little song if someone hoofed it over the wall. "Over - Fetch it, Over - Fetch It". Brilliant. Trips on our bikes to the Cut to go fishing for stickle back and Leeches. Passing bottles of pop round where the pop was floating with crisps and crumbs by the time it got to you. Wagon Wheels the size of your face. Summers where it was actually hot. Winters where it actually snowed. Sliding down a snow covered hill on an old cushing covered in a plastic bag.

    Brings a tear to my eye.

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