Ever rung someone and it’s gone through to voicemail ? Or wondered which number to ring to get hold of someone ? Apparently between 60% and 80% of calls go through to voicemail.

Ever sent someone an email and waited days for them to reply ?  I don’t have any stats on this but I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. :-)

Well Live Communications Server may be the answer for you. Although everyone talks about the secure instant messaging capability, it’s the ability to see someone’s presence information and make an informed choice on how to contact them that’s really powerful. Imagine being able to get an immediate response back to a query rather than having to rely on email or the phone.

Another scenario I saw recently was again using presence information – setting up a generic help desk account that people could im – the message was then routed using presence information to someone who was available to handle the call. *Update* Looks like this demo has now been posted to http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=2fb830b5-aa88-41b1-9ab9-235548d4270f&displaylang=en


Want to get yourself up to speed with Live Communications Server ? Here’s a list of resources including labs, presentations and web casts you can use to get yourself up to speed.

TechNet Virtual labs on LCS 2005 at :

Link to TechNet site to register: https://microsoft.demoservers.com/login.aspx?group=lcs


These are the labs:

·  Deploying Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition

·  Enabling Federation for Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition

·  Enabling Remote Access for Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition

·  Deploying Live Communications Server 2005 Archiving Service


And TechNet Technical LCS 2005 Webcasts at http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/rtccollaboration.mspx  


Also the London Airlift slides are customer ready and out on :


The password is : Server 2005