August, 2005

  • TechNet August Webcasts

    Want to see a nice list of Webcasts that are being run this month in a nice calendar view ?
  • 30 New Windows SharePoint Services Templates to download

    Today Microsoft is releasing 30 Applications for Windows SharePoint Services that consist of 100% out-of-box WSS functionality and have been tailored to meet the needs of specific tasks or business processes.
  • Data Protection Manager 2006 Beta

    As the latest member of the Windows Server System family, Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a server software application that optimizes disk-based backup and recovery.
  • The Exchange 2003 CAL

    I've been asked this question quite a few times over the last few weeks - "If we buy Exchange 2003 and a CAL do we need to purchase Outlook 2003 as well ?"
  • Windows SharePoint Templates online

    As you may have seen we've released 30 new Windows SharePoint Service Templates. Want to know what they look like and have a play without having to install them ? Well Bil Simser has very kindly created a site for people to check out. http://sharepoint...
  • Information Rights Management and Rights Management Service

    IRM is a great way of protecting information from unauthorised use by keeping the access policy with the information rather than where it's stored.
  • Exchange 2003 Tools Update

    Last week we released updates to some popular Exchange 2003 downloads :-
  • MSN Spaces - Powertoys

    Have any of you out there got your own MSN space ?
  • Business Desktop Deployment

    The Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) Solution Accelerator is a set of tools and documentation for automating client software upgrades to the latest versions of Windows and Office. The accelerator brings together a set of offerings that we hope will reduce the costs and risks associated with migrating large numbers of desktops and guide customers and service partners toward best practices for performing these migrations.
  • Mobility Event - September 2nd

    I’ve just found out that we’re running a Mobility event in the UK on the 2nd September. Jason has blogged about it here.
  • Exchange 5.5 Migration Assistance

    Are you a Gold or Certified partner in the UK ? Are you looking to assist your customers with migrating from Exchange 5.5 ? Want to run an Exchange 5.5 Migration Seminar for your customers with Microsoft Speakers ? Then just pop along to the...
  • Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1 Intelligent IM Filter

    Live Communications Server 2005 Intelligent IM Filter application allows administrators greater flexibility in the protection of their instant message networks than the default IMFilter application that is installed on all Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1 servers.
  • Live Communication Server Training Resources

    Ever rung someone and it’s gone through to voicemail ? Or wondered which number to ring to get hold of someone ? Apparently between 60% and 80% of calls go through to voicemail. Ever sent someone an email and waited days for them to reply ? I don’t have any stats on this but I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. :-)
  • XBOX Pricing Announced For gamers who want the ultimate experience (and the best value) right out of the box, Microsoft will offer the $399.99 U.S./€399.99/£279.99 Xbox 360 console. This premium...
  • Exchange ISV's in the UK

    I’m currently looking for Exchange ISV’s in the UK who may be interested in developing against the next version of Exchange. If you fit the bill then please can you get in contact with me before Friday. Thanks, John
  • Need a list of SharePoint add ins ?

    Well Mark Harrison has compile a great list of 3rd products that he’s also categorised. You can even add any additional products in there if you know of any that are missing. The list of applications and add ins is located here
  • FrontPage, SharePoint and Charting

    I found this neat little add-in for FrontPage that allows you to create charts in Windows SharePoint Services. Description The Chart Web Part can be used to generate charts in the Windows SharePoint Services environment. The Web Part supports data...
  • Exchange Server 2003 SP2 - Community Technology Preview Now Available - Well almost :)

    A community preview version of Exchange 2003 SP2 is almost here – What does a community preview release actually mean ?
  • Microsoft Managed Newsgroups

    Are you a Microsoft partner with a non-urgent query that you'd like answered by Microsoft Professionals ? For Free. Then give the Microsoft managed newsgroups a go .. .. ..
  • Midsize Business IT Cente

    Do you have customers who have between 50 and 250 PC's ? Then the Windows Server System for Midsize Businesses Promotion and IT Centre might be of interest to you.