July, 2005

  • Size Exchange Disks for Performance or Capacity ?

    When selecting a disk configuration for Exchange, many people automatically go for capacity and assume the performance is going to be adequate for their needs. However, with disk sizes getting bigger and bigger this isn’t always the case.
  • Internet Explorer 7: Now in beta testing for developers

    IE 7 has now been released for testing by software and web site developers. Although not intended as a broad customer trial, it does preview some of the new Internet Explorer 7 Benefits.
  • Windows Vista Beta available to MSDN Subscribers

    Want to get hold of Windows Vista ? Well if you’ve got an MSDN subscription you can. To download it just go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/
  • Client Network Traffic with Exchange Server 2003

    A question I often get asked is – how do the different combinations of Exchange clients stack up against each other with regards to bandwidth usage ? Does Outlook Web Access use less bandwidth use less bandwidth than the full Outlook client ?
  • TDT for Gold and Certified Partners

    The Technical Demonstration Toolkit is a great tool that’s available to both Gold and Certified partners – It’s one of those little gems that’s either under utilised or not known about.
  • Extended support options for Windows 2000 users

    After 5 years the Windows 2000 family is going to move from mainstream to extended support. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the end of support for Windows 2000 customers – There’s a range of support options available including security updates and paid...
  • Longhorn has a Name - Microsoft Vista

    You may or may not have seen that Longhorn now has an official name – Vista. Beta 1 should be available August 3rd but until then you can get a bit more info at http://www.Microsoft.com/windowsvista/default.mspx
  • Business-critical phone support

    Now you can address critical situations with the help of a highly trained team of support engineers. Microsoft business-critical phone support provides the highest level of technical support to help you get your customers' systems up and running again...
  • New Starter Sales Training

    We’ve just started rolling out some new training to partners .. .. .. It’s specifically aimed at Sales people and new starters who went to get a good overview of the Microsoft product stack.
  • Copying Mail Messages to SharePoint document libraries

    One feature I always get asked about is if there is an easy way move mail messages from Outlook to a SharePoint document library. Well now there is – Trinity Expert Systems have written a free utility which allows you do to this and it’s...
  • Microsoft to Acquire FrontBridge Technologies

    Just heard today that we’re about to buy FrontBridge Technologies who offer managed messaging hygiene, security, compliance and security.
  • Notes from the Field

    Ever wanted to actually come to a training course specifically designed to give you real world knowledge on how to design and deploy a system rather than just how to install it ?When it comes to Microsoft solutions, our consultants in the field - who work daily with the full range of Microsoft technologies - have a real breadth of insight to share. That's why we're able to bring you the Notes from the Field Partner training programme. Each three-step programme consists of an architecture session
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