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  • Blog Post: How to Create Feeds from MSDN & TechNet Social Bookmarks

    Last week, we released a preview of MSDN and TechNet Social Bookmarks . This week, we released The Ticker , a new Silverlight app that consumes a feed of new bookmarks from the sites and displays it in an interactive ticker-style UI. So far, more than 1,000 people have started bookmarking with...
  • Blog Post: "Ticker" and "Orbs" on Silverlight 2 Beta 2

    Ticker and Orbs are cool new Silverlight apps that visualize online community activity in fun and interesting ways. Find them here. Ticker: shows feeds of recent social bookmarks from MSDN and TechNet ; see what people are bookmarking - click on a bookmark to stop the flow and open it in your browser...
  • Blog Post: New Silverlight 2 App Visualizes Social Bookmarking on MSDN and TechNet

    Ever wonder what people are actually bookmarking using MSDN and TechNet Social ? Check out the Ticker and find out! With the Ticker, you can quickly see what’s being bookmarked by the technical community right now, today, yesterday, or over the past week. With each bookmark, you are also just one...