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  • Blog Post: VORT-EX08: The Swirling Mass You Actually Want to Get Sucked Into

    The MSDN and TechNet teams recently helped to launch VORT - EX08 (Virtual Online Remix- Total Experience), an online “virtual” conference for IT professionals, developers, and designers in the Europe. There are cool virtual booths for both MSDN and TechNet. To see them, sign in to the Vortex site...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft is Planning Much More Than Just Social Bookmarking

    With all the buzz about our recent announcement on social bookmarking on MSDN , TechNet , and Expression , it'd be easy to think that's all we're doing. But that's not the case - we are planning much more than that. Why? Because our customers need more than just shared bookmarks to be successful....
  • Blog Post: NOW LIVE: Microsoft's New Social App for MSDN, TechNet, and Expression Sites

    Microsoft is opening up the MSDN , TechNet , and Expression sites to the worldwide technical community. Social bookmarking is an important element of our vision , enabling technical professionals to easily share their web favorites, find and connect with each other, and publish community-generated content...