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Guess who’s into Windows Server…and Guitars? This UK dev is into Silverlight…and Poker.

In early September, we launched v1.0 of MSDN Social and TechNet Social, featuring social bookmarking, which allows people to save their web favorites online, see what other tech types are bookmarking, and surf it all to find and connect with each other. Social bookmarking is also a great way to publish resources you think are important directly to MSDN and TechNet – see the VB Dev Center on MSDN for a great example of a new “social feed” - the most popular Visual Basic resources as defined by the bookmarking community.

Going forward, each month we’ll be highlighting our top bookmarkers and other interesting facts and stories that emerge from the “bookmarkspace.”

This month, see Chris Slemp’s blog for September’s Top 10 Bookmarkers on MSDN and TechNet.

But don’t just read the list and leave – click through to the bookmarker profiles and see what’s being bookmarked. Most of it is good rich technical stuff, but follow the tags for fun and see what else you find…or who!

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