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  • Blog Post: 2007 Office System Capabilities

    As the ground shifts under organisations in the new world of work, it only makes sense that the tools information workers use in their jobs should evolve to meet new needs and provide new capabilities. The traditional authoring, analysis and communications tools remain relevant, but are no longer “good...
  • Blog Post: Solutions Using the Microsoft Office System

    Learn how to use the Microsoft Office system to solve your business scenarios. Included on this link is an invaluable array of useful visio diagrams, white papers and documents ranging an expanse of Office System related tasks, including deployment, upgrading, managment, hosting, research, customer engagement...
  • Blog Post: Be Refreshed by The Mini Bar

    The Mini Bar, formerly known as the ‘floatie’ (luckily that got changed) is a new solution to combat the irritating command loops involved in changing simple effects in text documents like font size, type face, font colour etc. In order to view the Mini Bar you simply have to highlight a selection...
  • Blog Post: Office DevCon 2007

    I’ve just arrived back from the Microsoft Office Developer Conference in London which involved Microsoft employees talking about some of new advancements that you can expect to see in the 2007 Office System. The two days consisted of a mixture of hands-on labs, presentations and Ask the Expert sessions...
  • Blog Post: Screen Clipping From OneNote

    I recently posted a blog for the Office Pioneer web site outlining how to do Screen Clipping from OneNote
  • Blog Post: Free Download for Office

    As of the 6 th of July, Microsoft Office is offering a free download which will enable different file styles to be opened in the Office suite so that users will suffer less frustration when trying to open documents saved in other formats. Read more here.
  • Blog Post: What does RSS (Really Simple Syndication) mean in Outlook 2007?

    I've posted a blog for the Office Pioneer web site outlining what RSS means and how you can add RSS feeds in Outlook 2007
  • Blog Post: A very Complimentary CRN Press Article About Vista, Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007

    CRN Headline: Vista's Guinea Pig: Lab Puts Microsoft's Vista Stack To Work On Cancer Research It’s always good to see good press in the headlines, so I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the efforts being made to implement technology from the Information Worker segment in this high...
  • Blog Post: What does Create Document Workspace mean in Office?

    I recently posted a blog for the Office Pioneer web site outlining what the term - Create Document Workspace - means in Office.
  • Blog Post: Office Demos and Training

    These have been available for a while - this is simply a re-cap for those requesting it. Office Online · Trainings: · Training roadmaps · Demos (screen capture...
  • Blog Post: A Link to the Official Microsoft 2007 Office System Books and Instructor-Led Classes
  • Blog Post: Do you want to learn about Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence and Unified Communications?

    If so, you've come to the right place...... The Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimisation course dates have now been scheduled! :) The dates are: 22 – 23rd Jan, at Microsoft UK 25th – 26th Jan, Regis TVP 29th – 30th Jan, Regis TVP 1st – 2nd Feb, Regis TVP Link...
  • Blog Post: XML Formats used in Office

    I've had a number of customers ask me lately for the reason why Microsoft have chosen to use the new Open XML file format in the Office Applications instead of other existing formats. Instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to explain the reasons myself (badly) I can recommend Brian's blog for...
  • Blog Post: NEW - 2007 Office System Certifications Now Available - IW MCP

    What's New NEW - 2007 Office System Certifications Now Available The new 2007 certification exams will be rolled out throughout the first half of 2007 and will count toward the existing IW specializations certification requirements. Help your partners become proficient on the new Office System...
  • Blog Post: New 2007 Microsoft Office System Training Courses

    Detailed Information about the following Training Courses Clinic 3041: Deploying Microsoft® Windows Vista™ and the 2007 Office System Client Products (Beta) Clinic 3369: Getting Started with Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services 3.0 (Beta) Clinic 3370: Getting Started...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Programs and SharePoint Products and Technologies Integration – Fair, Good, Better, Best

    This white paper describes how different versions of Microsoft Office programs work together with the 2003 and 2007 versions of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Fair, Good, Better, Best, White Paper
  • Blog Post: NEW: Selling Office Groove 2007

    This session will provide attendees with an introduction and demo of Office Groove 2007 as well as key insights into how you can sell Groove and why you would want to. We will show the positioning of Groove in relation to SharePoint as well as its unique benefits and the key verticals and segments that...
  • Blog Post: Word 2007 is Giving The Inquirer a Headache

    The Inquirer has written an interesting article discussing the pros and cons of Microsoft Word 2007. It highlights some fascinating usability problems that experienced ‘Word’ enthusiast are having with the new user interface, the shortcut keys and the automation process. http://www.theinquirer...
  • Blog Post: Take The Microsoft Office System Test Drive

    Take the 2007 Microsoft Office System out for a spin in this easy-to-use, browser-based trial experience. Learn More
  • Blog Post: Office 2007 withdraws "save as pdf"

    It's a traggic loss to Office 2007, as Adobe and Microsoft argue against Microsofts use of the "save as pdf" function which is currently available in the beta version. It must now be removed and only time will...
  • Blog Post: Now Live: Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007 training, and Office Business Applications (OBA) training

    1. Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Technical training . This four day instructor-led workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to architect and build Business Intelligence solutions using Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. This session covers both Monitoring...
  • Blog Post: New Post About Blogging From Word 2007

    I've just posted a blog for the Office Pioneer web site outlining the new blogging options in Word 2007.
  • Blog Post: Office Business Applications (OBA) 2 day training course, Reading, September 17th & 18th

    For more info, click here .
  • Blog Post: Partner Technology Demos

    I've recently had a number of questions regarding partner demos. As a gold or certified partner you can access the partner demo showcase at the following link There is other material available there for none gold or certified partners as well.
  • Blog Post: Catch Me on Camera

    I’ve just spent this afternoon catching up on a few other blogs and I’ve discovered that I’m famous. Darren Strange, the Product Manager of Office 2007 in the UK has put a video clip up on his blog that he took at DevCon in London. You can see a number of people on the clip including myself and James...