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    This morning Stephen Elop announced the following BPOS changes; · A revised pricelist · Increased mailbox storage from 5B to 25GB and administrative scripting tools · A number of new customers such as Aon, Aviva and McDonalds · Release to new countries The following table shows the...
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    How can partners look to make money from BPOS? There are a number of ways that partners can look to make money from BPOS. Three examples include: 1) Software referral fee. 2) Traditional services for data migration, implementation and design. 3) Developing applications that can connect...
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    Last week I attended Martin Walkers BPOS session and I discovered the following links. I particularly like the Partner Profitability Modeler Tool. I’d be keen to hear thoughts about the feedback on this tool? Sign into then click on one of these links: BPOS Pricing...
  • Blog Post: BPOS Customer Review from Coca Cola

    Coco Cola quote on their use of BPOS At a high-level, it comes down to: 300MB to 5GB of storage 69 servers relieved of hosting Mobile device integration For more detail click here:
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    Seriously Exciting STUFFFFFFFFF!!! Following a highly successful Limited Beta program, Office 365 is now available for everyone to try. The public beta delivers free access to our next-generation cloud productivity service – for businesses of all sizes – until we officially launch the service later this...
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    Guide to Opportunity: Software-plus-Services How do partners make money from a Software-plus-Services strategy? Here is a 16 page guide which explains in-depth how partners can exploit our Software-plus-Services strategy. Microsoft executives and partners describe how Software-plus-Services...
  • Blog Post: The new name for BPOS is announced as Office365

    Check out more information about this service here:
  • Blog Post: Live Meeting: Business Productivity Online Suite

    ‘ Business Productivity Online Suite Overview’ live meeting. Dates and Times of LMs- Mon 30 th Mar 14.00-14.30 ‘ Business Productivity Online Suite Overview’ 1032410100 The URL’s for this LM are as follows: Delegate -
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    There are three reports available for SharePoint in the Cloud. Forrester: SharePoint Shoots for the Cloud Gartner: Email and the Cloud Gartner: Microsofts Email and SharePoint in the Cloud
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    Overview Office 365 TEI Forrester Study. Office 365 Buyers Guide Here is a link to our WhyMicrosoft site. http://sharepoint...
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    Partner Summary ThoughtBridge HR-in-a-box: ThoughtBridge developed a "HR-in-a-box" solution for OHC that uses SharePoint Online Web services, workflows, and Exchange Online and integrates through a proprietary framework with their hosted and on-premises line-of-business applications...
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    Exchange Online Standard Developer Guide (new) SharePoint Online Standard Developer Guide The Exchange Online Standard Developer Guide is now available for download here : Some of the main topics covered (and tested) include: 1. Exchange Web Services · List of exchange web services...