We have relaunched the Microsoft .COM SharePoint Server 2007 product web site with a new look and a lot more content!  Check it out here: www.microsoft.com/SharePoint.  This is version 1.0 of the site and we will continue to make updates and improvements to it in the next few months.


-        Here are some of the key page redirects

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/Collaboration (and /Collab works too)

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/SocialComputing

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/Portals

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/Search

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/ECM

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/Forms

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/BI

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/casestudies

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/news

o   www.microsoft.com/SharePoint/upgrading (includes some Notes Compete content)