Jochen Kunert

OCS and Voice; It's a PBX, isn't it?

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    Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 offers multiple voice scenarios that are not necessarily easily understandable just by their names. However, it is essential to understand the different “flavors” of OCS voice in order to determine the best voice integration option for the specific customer environment...
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    This article describes aspects of the migration process from a TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) PBX to a VoIP solution like Office Communications Server. TDM to VoIP migration using PRI tie lines A large enterprise TDM PBX consists of one or multiple PBX nodes. All endpoints (mostly PBX phones...
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    I have noticed that many people, in particular those who have a telephony background or were working with common IP PBX solutions, try to match their gained dialplan know how, that they acquired over the last couple of years with many, many PBX/IP PBX projects, on OCS 2007. While there are few similarities...