Jochen Kunert

OCS and Voice; It's a PBX, isn't it?

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  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 dialplan using non-DID numbers

    In a previous blog article OCS 2007 dialplan fundamentals I have excluded the complexity around non-DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers for syntactic reasons. In this blog article I will describe how to handle non-DID numbers in an OCS 2007 dialplan. A non-DID number is a phone number, that cannot...
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 German dialplan example

    This blog article presents and explains an OCS 2007 Dialplan that has been created for the location Germany (Country code +49) Cologne (Area code 221). In this example the company has a local subscriber number 000 and a 4 digit extension range. We assume that there is only one OCS 2007 Mediation Server...