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    This post is intended for: - People who haven't yet had a chance to use SPSReport to gather SharePoint speicific information - People who wanted to know some details about SPSReport before running it in their environment What is SPSReport? It is a Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) based...
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    Consider this scenario: You re-install or upgrade Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 in a system. That may result the creation of "Windows.old" folder. You may try to delete that folder and its contents ; that may not work as expected - you may get multiple access denials and the folder "Windows.old...
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    Do you want to gather Crawl logs for documentation or troubleshooting in SharePoint 2007? With ExportCrawlLog utility from CodePlex, you can achieve that requirement. Here are the simplified steps for you: - Download the .zip archive from to the Index Server...