Issue Details

While installing SQL 2008 through command line, you may get this as the part of the error:

"You must provision the system with at least one system administrator"

I tried to find out the possible cause, but did not find any. Also I looked into this technet article: [How to: Install SQL Server 2008 from the Command Prompt] but did not find any information regarding the issue.

What is the cause?

The main cause for the error message was missing of this parameter in the command line used: '/ASSysAdminAccounts'

If you add the parameter without any value, then you will get this error:

 [because this is what the above said article mentioned:

Analysis Services /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS Required   Specifies the administrator credentials for Analysis Services.]

The following error occurred:
The element 'ASSysAdminAccounts' in namespace '' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'Member' in namespace ''.

How to resolve this error?

In order to resolve that error, provide an user name for /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS parameter - for example:


Given below a sample command line to install SQL engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Tools in quite mode:

Setup.exe  /QS  /ACTION=Install /FEATURES=SQL,AS,IS,Tools /INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER /SQLSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Username>" /SQLSVCPASSWORD="<password>" /SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS="<Domain\Username>" /AGTSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Username>" /AGTSVCPASSWORD="<password>" /ASSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Username>" /ASSVCPASSWORD="<password>" /RSSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Username>" /RSSVCPASSWORD="<password>" /ISSVCACCOUNT="<Domain\Username>" /ISSVCPASSWORD="<password>" /ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS="<Domain\Username>"

Hope this information is helpful.