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January, 2009

  • OCS R2 videos

    There a bunch of videos showing OCS R2 and its capabilities on YouTube…
  • Exchange 14

    The next version of Exchange is coming, and it is going to be huge! See KC Lemson and Jim Lucey talking about Exchange Labs, which is currently running about 3.5million mailboxes, and how this relates to E14 and S+S/SaaS. Watch the video over at Technet...
  • Sydney UC January meeting

    The Sydney UC user/enthusiast community is meeting again on Tuesday (the 20th) at 1pm.  Everybody is welcome – come along and meet your peers, have some pizza, and see a demo of OCS 2007 R2! Details at
  • PIFEM is spreading

    It’s good to see that word is getting around about Pay It Forward Email Management (aka PIFEM). Angus Kidman has blogged about it over at LifeHacker… check it out at
  • OCS 2007 R2 Launch

    Streamlined Communications Today, users face the challenge of managing their communications across many devices and applications, which negatively impacts productivity. Office Communications Server 2007 R2 streamlines the way users manage communications...
  • UC Case Study: Cisco

    Alex Lewis has written an interesting post over at Network World about Cisco and their UC stack.  Alex’s view is that Cisco have a very wide Communications portfolio and a great VoIP product, but they don’t yet have the “Unified” part. In summary...