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Media Center + Zune + Xbox 360 + Slingbox = :D

Media Center + Zune + Xbox 360 + Slingbox = :D

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Ok so this post isn't really related to UC at all, but what the hey ...

Over the Christmas/New Year period I finally got around to playing with my media setup at home (yep, I'm a geek alright).  I now have the following hooked up and working nicely:

  • 40" Sony Bravia HDTV
  • Media Centre PC (Vista Ultimate Edition)
  • Xbox 360
    • Xbox Live (Gears of War rocks)
    • Xbox 360 acting as a Media Centre Extender
  • Zune (yes I got a brown one - and I like it!)
    • Bose noise-cancelling headphones (I spend a lot of time on planes)
  • SlingBox Pro

So now I have an almost-perfect media experience wherever I am (actually that kind of is related to UC - where I also have all a perfect communications experience wherever I am!).

 At home I can stream music, TV and movies to whatever room I am in; if I'm on a plane I have all of my music and most of my movies on my Zune (I used to have an iPod Mini then a Creative Zen Micro, but with the excellent screen and battery-life on the Zune I will never go back); and I can watch my TV at home from anywhere in the world via the SlingBox (handy when I'm in the USA and the rugby is on TV).

So my question is - what do you reckon I should do next?

I'll post some photos as soon as I find the charger for my camera!

  • Can you also create some kind of logical diagram showing how everything is interconnected?

  • That's a good idea.

    I won't have time to do it until at least the weekend, but I'll dust off Visio and give it a shot :)

  • How do you get recorded tv to Zune? I do not think there is such way for now unless you have third party software.

  • I was using 3rd party software to convert it (as I record in HD) - but I lost my Zune at TechEd so I don't do it anymore :(

    Good reason to get a Zune 2.0 though ;)

  • Please provide me a list of necessary updates to get Xbox 360 to connect to Windows Media Center Extender. I CAN get on Xbox Live , my DMA2200 Extender works, but I CANNOT get XBox 360 to find my Computer. I have Vista Ultimate x64. I did all the updates I could find. I have a WRT330N Gigabit Gaming Router. I disabled firewall. Opened all required ports. What is going on with my XBox360. I haven't used my XBox 360 for over 1/2 year and never tried hooking up Extender on it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at

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