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  • Blog Post: Scheduled Deprecated Features of FIM

    For those who have MIIS 2003, ILM 2007, FIM 2010 or FIM 2010 R2, we recently released an article on features that are scheduled to be released in a future release of FIM . Please review it and start your planning! Best, Jeff Ingalls
  • Blog Post: FIM 2010 R2 Hotfix 4.1.3469.0 Released

    Greetings from Redmond! We released hotfix 4.1.3469.0 a few days ago. The hotfix is available here: Best, Jeff Ingalls
  • Blog Post: TechNet Article: How to Use PowerShell to Display the FIM Security Groups

    Greetings from the field! I've posted a PowerShell script you can run on the FIM Synchronization server to display the names of the FIM security groups: How to Use PowerShell to Display the FIM Security Groups The script will come in handy if the default FIM security group names were not...
  • Blog Post: FIM 2010 R2 Hotfix 4.1.3461.0 Released

    Greetings from Redmond, Quick post to let you know we released a cumulative FIM hotfix a few weeks back... Our Wiki has also been updated to reflect the update. Best, Jeff Ingalls
  • Blog Post: Touching every file in every subdirectory

    A friend recently asked me how to touch every file in a folder and subfolders. Let's say he has an executible called "dosomething.exe" and wants to run that program against every file in the parent folder and subfolders. Here's a quick script to do such a thing. There's not much to the VBScript but I...
  • Blog Post: FIM 2010 R2 Hotfix 4.1.3479.0 Released

    Greetings from the field! FIM Hotfix 4.1.3479.0 has been released under KB 2889529. Please see the KB for what is included in this cumulative hotfix. Link: Best, Jeff Ingalls
  • Blog Post: Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Eventlogs, Events and Monitoring

    Greetings from Redmond. Today I want to discuss something universal to all people involved with FIM and Windows servers in general, Event Logs. The Event Logs are one of the places you will find information, warning and error messages from the FIM product and its components. It is not the only place...
  • Blog Post: FIM R2 SSPR

    Greetings from Redmond! The number #1 question I get asked is "How can I quickly setup FIM self-service password reset?" The first item you will need to do is go through the deploying FIM 2010 R2 checklist of requirements, before you begin and setting up the FIM Sync and FIM Portal components...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Article: FIM2010R2-TROUBLESHOOTING-SSPR] Error 3003: "The current user account is not recognized by Forefront Identity Manager. Please contact your help desk or system administrator."

    Greetings from an airplane! I have added a new Technet article on troubleshooting FIM SSPR's 3003 error. I hope you find it useful.
  • Blog Post: What is the latest version of FIM?

    The latest official public release of FIM as well as previous versions of the product are listed here: Best, Jeff Ingalls