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  • Blog Post: Monitoring a service for State and StartMode

    I recently had a customer that wants to get an alert when a specific service is not Disabled and/or not Stopped. I used the following steps to accomplish this using a "Timed Script Three State Monitor". Even if you do not have this specific need, these steps can be used as a template for creating a monitor...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Full Text Search Service Monitor

    This issue is described in the SQL Server Management Pack Guide, but I wanted to blog it since I’ve seen a couple customers hit it. In the current version of the SQL Server Management Pack (version 6.0.6559.0), we have a monitor for the SQL Server Full Text Search Service which is targeted at the...
  • Blog Post: Service Monitors – What does the “State” value mean?

    When you create a Service Monitor in OpsMgr 2007, we get an alert / state change when the service is not running, but this does not necessarily mean that the service is “stopped”.  The monitor attempts to get the “State” of the service, and alerts when the State is not “Running”.  So, what...