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  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 Mailbox Count Report

    The Exchange 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005 included a Mailbox Count report which was not included in the OpsMgr 2007 version of the Management Pack. I’ve recently taken the MOM 2005 version of this report and converted it to work in OpsMgr 2007. I had to modify some minor things in the report...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 Synthetic Transactions against clustered Mailbox Servers may stop working

    Are you using the new Exchange 2007 Management Pack? Are you configuring the CAS and/or Mailflow synthetic transcactions? Are any of your target Mailbox servers clustered? If so, then you’ll want to verify that these transactions are actually running…and be sure to check it at least 12 hours after setting...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2003 “Mailboxes” and “Database Sizes” Reports for OpsMgr 2007

    The Exchange 2003 Management Pack for MOM 2005 contains a few reports that are not included in the OpsMgr 2007 version of the Management Pack. Two of these are the “Exchange Mailboxes” and “Exchange Database Sizes” reports. I’ve recently taken these two reports and converted...