John Howard - Senior Program Manager in the Hyper-V team at Microsoft

Senior Program Manager, Hyper-V team, Windows Core Operating System Division.

November, 2008

  • HVRemoteLatestVersion

    **START HVREMOTE VERSION** TAG Version=1.08 TAG Date=9th September 2013 TAG URL= TAG BlogURL= TAG Type=Release Candidate TAG About=Contains several bugfixes, better remote testing, and includes...
  • How to detect UAC elevation from VBScript

    While working on the next version of HVRemote yesterday evening, one of the things I wanted to address based on feedback from various people was to have the tool (written in VBScript) detect whether it is being run from an elevated command prompt. While...
  • Test

    **START HVREMOTE VERSION** TAG Version=0.3 TAG Date=19th November 2008 TAG URL= TAG BlogURL= **END HVREMOTE VERSION**
  • Configure Hyper-V Remote Management in seconds

    Update 19th Nov - v0.3 now released! It has been a little quiet on the blog front, but sometimes, at least in this case, I hope I've come up with something worth waiting for. Announcing "HVRemote"...., a tool to "automagically" configure Hyper-V Remote...