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Hyper-V RC1 is available for download

Hyper-V RC1 is available for download

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Update: 26th June 2008. Hyper-V RTM is now available. RC1 is pre-release software. 



We're getting really close to shipping Hyper-V. Today, we can announce that RC1 is available.


If you're already running RC0, the upgrade is really simple. Unlike the Beta to RC0 update, virtual network configurations and virtual machine configurations are now compatible and are migrated in-place. The only gotcha to watch out for is that saved states are not compatible, which includes online snapshots. So please make sure online snapshots are deleted and merged, and your virtual machines are shutdown cleanly before applying the update.

If you are still running Hyper-V Beta, take a look at KB949222 for more information. Although that KB was written specifically for Beta to RC0 updates, the same overall information applies for Beta to RC1.

There is one thing in particular worth mentioning about RC1 - after the feedback you gave us in RC0 that upgrading the Integration Services for Windows Server 2008 virtual machines was inconsistent with all other operating systems, we listened. Starting with RC1, all virtual machines are equal in this regard. Simply run setup.exe from vmguest.iso (Actions/Insert Integration Services Setup Disk in Virtual Machine Connection) regardless of the virtual machine operating system. Note that you still need to apply the main update to the parent partition though!

The links are here:

Windows Server 2008 x64 (Apply this to the parent partition to upgrade to RC1). More info in KB950049.

And if you are using Windows Vista for Remote Management, here's the tools you need: (KB949587)   x64 and x86

RTM is getting closer! As always, I welcome your feedback about this release.



  • Upgrading from RC0 to RC1 was really easy. Took me a few minutes (not counting the backup of my virtual machines beforehand).

    I am hosting my two sister's Exchange 2007 mailboxes on my Hyper-V host. Mission critical as you could imagine : - )

  • My machine required a reboot - kinda annoying.  Is there anyway to avoid the reboot?

  • Robert - no, the reboot is required to ensure that the our drivers and in particular the Hypervisor can be re-launched with the latest bits. Until you do the reboot, the later drivers are not actually installed and running.



  • Would be nice to have a way to delete snapshots from multiple VMs all at once.  Next version?  :-)

  • Updated 1, 1 to go.  Very easy, but I have one question I can't find any info on:  Do the Integration Services on any client require upgrading to RC1?

    Thanks again for the help on the Jumbo Frame suggestion - still testing it out! ;)

  • Hi Mark - yes, you need to upgrade the integration services to the RC1 bits so both child and parent match.



  • How exactly do I upgrade WinXP client integration services that were previously running RC0?  When I boot those, I get the 'found new hardware', I cancel that, I select install integration components and nothing really happens.  I tried rebooting the XP client to check and see if it worked, but it comes up again with the found new hardware dialog.

    I also have a question about upgrading Linux component services as the document only explains about installing it, not upgrading it (I *need* that new mouse via RDP fix).  Perhaps there is a better place for that question though which I will go look for.

  • Rob - it sounds like autoplay isn't kicking in. Dismiss the "Found new hardware" dialog, and run setup.exe manually from the virtual CD/DVD device inside the VM. That should kick the installer off.

    I'm not sure about Linux - I've never gone through installing ICs inside Linux VMs (It's a policy thing). I'll find out from some folks that know more about that side of things and get back to you soon.



  • Hyper-V RC1 업데이트가 나왔습니다. 다운로드는 여기 :

  • Thanks once again John, I manually ran setup and that solved the problem for my WinXP clients.  Anything you can find out about the Linux RC1 client would be appreciated.  I received an email from msftconn which says

    "Hot on the heels of the RC1 release of Hyper-V, we've released the RC1 compatible version of the Integration Components for Linux.

    With this update, we've added support for the synthetic mouse device. With this functionality, you no longer have to use the CTRL-ALT-LEFTARROW key combination to break the mouse out of the VMConnect window. This also allows the mouse to work when you access a Hyper-V host over a RDP connection."

    But when you go to the connect site and download the documentation, nothing is mentioned about  how to perform an upgrade from Linux IC RC0 and while there is this paragraph about the mouse, there's no specifics on how to install the driver unless it just works following the rest of the instructions, but before doing that I want to make certain there aren't a different set for performing an upgrade.

    "• NEW Mouse Support: Support for the synthetic mouse device has been added in the form of an early “preview” driver. This new mouse support allows the mouse to move in and out of the window without having to use the CTRL-ALT-LEFTARROW key command to break out."

  • Rob - great, glad XP is resolved. I'm waiting for full confirmation but the folks that know are home for the night so I won't get a complete answer until they're back in the office tomorrow.

    However, this is what I did get back: IIRC, it should be as simple as unloading all the modules and then running from the new bits.

    Maybe worth giving that a go in the meantime?



  • Solved the Linux question myself.  You really only just need to reinstall the drivers portion as far as I can tell.  I now have mouse in Linux over RDP, so for anyone else with this question, just follow this piece of the documentation:

    10. mount LinuxIC.ISO in the virtual machine.

    11. Copy the Linux integration components to the virtual machine (note rename the old linux_ic directory if you have RC0 installed). For example:

    $ mkdir /opt/linux_ic

    $ cp /mnt/cdrom/* /opt/linux_ic -R

    14. Run the following command as root:

    $ /opt/linux_ic/ drivers

    I'm not 100% sure networking is working however, I'm still working that out, but at least I have mouse :).

  • Just to update, networking is in fact working, however I had to completely reconfigure seth0, my old static config was wiped out and it was set back to DHCP.  BTW, above you'll notice I edited out some steps inbetween 11 and 14, specifically:

    /opt/linux_ic/ x2v /boot/grub/menu.lst

    That generated an error saying I wasn't running the Xen kernel (which I was) and it appears to be unnecessary when performing an upgrade from RC0 to RC1.  I now have everything working once again, and thankfully now have mouse over RDP in Suse.  Woohoo!!

  • "Starting with RC1, all virtual machines are equal in this regard."

    Very cool. It was very easy to migrate from RC0 to RC1.

    Thx a lot

  • I did go through the artical for upgrade I wanted to go from Beat Hyper-v to RC1, when I applied the RC1 wanted to restart when the restartd it stack 3of3 58% no mater what I tried to bring the server back could not.. so i had to renistall W2k8 and applied the RC1 then installed the Hyper-V roll, when I run integration services it update everthing except network I have run integration services many time also rebooting the virtual server the VHD was from beta but with but was build with full w2k8 version..

    any suggestion...

    Thank you


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