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Vista SP1 Management Tools for Hyper-V RC0 download links

Vista SP1 Management Tools for Hyper-V RC0 download links

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Update: 26th June 2008. Hyper-V RTM is now available. RC0 is pre-release software.

The Vista SP1 Management Tools for Hyper-V RC0 are now available for download. These include Hyper-V Manager, the MMC management console, and Virtual Machine Connection, which provides a remote console for virtual machines. After installation, Hyper-V Manager is available under Administrative Tools on the control panel. There is no direct shortcut created for Virtual Machine Connection.

In Windows Vista, Administrative Tools are not, by default available on the Start menu. However, if you right-click the Start button, choose properties and then click customize next to the Start menu option, down the bottom of the list is the option to "Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu".


Download the appropiate version according to the architecture of your Vista SP1 machine:

x86: Update for Windows Vista (KB949758)
x64: Update for Windows Vista x64 Edition (KB949758)

Windows Vista SP1 information and download links can be found here.

Please take a look at KB949758 for further information on this download, and KB949219 and my previous blog entry for further information on Hyper-V RC0 itself.


  • Download links don't seem to be live yet.

  • Yeah, they went away, and then came back a while later for me. Try them again?

    Personally, I'm having trouble getting the tools to connect. It sits around a while, and then eventually times out claiming it can't talk to the RPC service. I've got exceptions in the firewall in place for the remote management services and the remote admin services are up and running, but no joy so far.

    Of course, I'm hardly a windows admin expert atm, so it might just be a config issue on my part.

  • Ah, yes. Config problem on my end. needed an open port on the client as well.

  • After the many emails I’ve had about this, it seemed only appropriate to write up a detailed post about

  • Is there a client for Windows Server 2008?  Sounds silly but as the workstation I use is x86 and thus non-hyper-V there's no role option for it ,and the x86 vista client says not for this version!?

  • Joel - yes, enable the Remote Server Administration Tools feature, and install the x86 version of the RC0 MSU on the x86 "client" server machine. Hyper-V Manager will be present under Administrative Tools.



  • John, I have the Remote Server Admin Tools feature installed.

    What specifically do you mean by RC0 'MSU' ? I installed the

    KB949219 update which installed but didn't do anything obvious so I guess that isn't it!

    Thanks in advance,


  • Joel - MSU is the file extension of the update when you download it from the download centre. (Note that you really need the RC1 bits now that they're out :) ). Once you download the x86 management tools, Hyper-V Manager will be in Administrative Tools if RSAT has been enabled. The RC1 management tool download for x86 is



  • John,

    Sorry I thought MSU was an abbreviation for something else - didn't make the association with MSI.

    Since my original post I've freshly installed Server 2008 Standard (x64) - MSDN.  I had already installed RSAT for managing Active Directory, DHCP and DNS.

    As per your link I then installed the x64 version of KB950049 from

    This installed fine, and I rebooted as prompted.

    There's nothing new under Administrative Tools nor under Add Feature in "Feature Administration Tools" or "Role Administration Tools".

    Any ideas?



    P.S. Weather is grim here in Reading.

  • Joel - Hyper-V Manager should be present if RSAT is enabled. I'm wondering if there is a bug if RSAT is enabled before applying the update. Can you try removing the RSAT feature and then re-enabling it. Does Hyper-V manager appear in Administrative tools then? (I'll try this tomorrow to confirm). Can you also verify that KB950049 does appear under view installed updates in the control panel under programs and features?



    PS. Seattle (Redmond) is pretty nice right now :)

  • I did as requested: removed RSAT, reboot, added RSAT (noted no Hyper-V option in the features dialog but added ADU&C, DHCP and DNS as that's what I use).  Then I rebooted nothing hyper-v related under Administrative tools.

    KB950049 is listed under Installed Updates.


    ...I'm sure you're missing the UK already...

  • Joel - This is slightly odd. Are you sure it's not right at the bottom of the list when you go into Add Features, expand out Remote Server Administration Tools\Role Administrator Tools? Alphabetically, it's incorrect (long story), but Hyper-V Tools should be just after Windows Deployment Services Tools.



  • Just double-checked and definitely not there.  I've put a screenshot here:



  • Joel - Thanks for posting. The reason suddently becomes clear - you are running Windows Server 2008 *without Hyper-V*. The management client will not install on these SKUs.



  • Is that how the release version is going to be?  Seems a bit strange that you could install it on Vista but not from Server 2008.

    I run the non-hyper-V release as I am running this on a laptop and need the power management features.  I use Server 2008 as I find it a much better workstation / development OS than Vista.  I know I'm in the minority in this usage of the OS though.

    Bit of a shame but I guess I'll go back to using RDP.

    Thanks for clearing it up though.


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