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Part 3: Infrastructure essentials Blogcast - ISA Firewall client

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Continuing the blogcast series on infrastructure essentials.

Part three of this blogcast series looks at how to install the ISA Server firewall client and updating the configuration of our ISA Server to detect who is browsing for what, rather than leaving everything as anonymous. Although this all works by the end of this blogcast, we end up at the stage where the firewall client is not automatically detecting our ISA Server - we had to do some manual configuration. We'll solve that in the next part...

Series Index:

0. Network configuration and series background.
1. Getting started
2. ISA Server configuration to allow basic web browsing capability

  • Nice blogcast series. One question so far... Is the ISA server part of your domain or is it in a seperate workgroup?

    Cheers - Stuart.

  • Thanks Stuart. Yes, the ISA Server is part of the domain. Regards, John.

  • Continuing the blogcast series on infrastructure essentials.
    Where we left off, we were able to browse...

  • Surely it would be more secure not to have the ISA box as part of the domain. I mean, if its rooted your in big trouble.

  • This is a tough choice and the decision needs to be taken carefully. _Personally_, I think that hardening the ISA server following guidance at (eg Hardening the Windows Infrastructure on the ISA Server 2004 computer and ISA Server 2004 Security Hardening Guide docs at this link), using SCW etc are easier than the a workgroup ISA (eg the ISA Server 2004 Enterprise Edition in a workgroup document). It's a balancing act of paranoia and satisfaction that you have a hardened server. You also get other benefits such as group policy if you domain join the ISA. I know this is an emotive subject which inevitably will end up with a 50/50 split between what people decide is best for them.

  • Continuing the blogcast series on infrastructure essentials.
    The next stage in our infrastructure is...

  • Continuing the blogcast series on infrastructure essentials.
    We're now moving towards making Outlook...

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