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New research into why Soda drinks are bad for your teeth

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Everyone knows that fizzy drinks are bad for your teeth. However, after extensive research (OK, so 8 days being over in America), I have a new theory. The first couple of days I was out there drinking "Soda", I kept hitting my gum onto my teeth every time I took a sip of coke. I figured I was just jet-lagged, but I discovered the reason. The American can is 12 fl oz's (355 ml), where as the standard UK can is 330ml. Hence, the US can was ever so slightly taller. Very strange, and I'd love to know the reason why this is?

So given how blogging is a truly global phenomena, please comment as to "how big is yours".

Here's a picture of a couple of US cans. I would have added a UK can, but it's 2 in the morning and I don't have one to hand (yes, I'm jet-lagged coming back the other way).

  • Wasn't complaining - just observing :-) It was just one of those things that I'd never heard of before....