The Resource Tool Kit 2.0 for Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS) is now available for download.

The primary focus of the new release has been to improve the portfolio of tools that helps the manageability of the MIIS system. A description of the new tools available in this release is below and you will find even more information in the ResKit help file.

MIIS Provisioning Assistant enables users to generate a metaverse extension which performs simple provisioning and deprovisioning without having to write a single line of code or have Visual Studio installed.

MIISWorkflow application is a sample solution that provides a way to request and approve accounts by using a Web-based interface. It is designed to help simplify typical workflow requirements on MIIS 2003 by serving as a framework for approval-based provisioning.

AttributeFlowViewer is a tool to show metaverse centric view of attribute flows. The tool processes exported server configuration to shows all import and export flows per metaverse attribute.

MIISInfoBackUp is a tool to gather all MIIS related information to one common place. Information to be gathered can be configured via an input file of xml format.

MVConfigurationViewer is a tool that uses xsl transformations to convert the MV configuration to a readable html format.

PCNSLookup is a VBS script that queries all domain controllers in a specified domain and displays the status of the password change notification service (PCNS) on each domain controller.