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Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP - free download

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The Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP was recently published on The download includes:

  • Stunning Holiday visualizations, skins and PowerToys for Windows Media Player 10.
  • Winter Fun Wallpaper Changer and Holiday Elf Dancer.
  • Holiday music autoplaylists for Windows Media Player 10.
  • A new PowerToy for Media Center 2005. And more!

Have fun.

  • I like the Elf, but where is Santa Scooby? The screensaver pak is awesome (but doesn't work with my locked down user accounts).

  • very good

  • Yes, the Elf if pretty cool, but sorry no, never heard of a Santa Scooby or find any reference to one. However, there's a "normal" Scooby Plus! Dancer - more details at

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