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  • Blog Post: Better with Office - introduction

    SharePoint is part of the Microsoft product stack. This doesn’t mean that it’s just another item on a Microsoft price list. What it means is that it’s designed to work with the other products Microsoft produces. In other posts, I’ve talked about using InfoPath and SharePoint together, but that’s not...
  • Blog Post: Better with Office - Metadata

    What is metadata? The simple definition is that it’s data about data. In the case of SharePoint, it’s information about files and documents stored within SharePoint. There are some bits of metadata that are included as standard, such as who created a document, who last edited it, where in SharePoint...
  • Blog Post: Better with Office - Slide Libraries

    I’m going to finish off this series of Better with Office posts, but there’s more that could be said. If I’ve peaked your interest, I’d suggest reading the Fair, Good, Better, Best whitepaper which goes into more technical information about the integration between SharePoint and Office products. In...
  • Blog Post: Office Mini 6: Trim Video

    This video continues my series of demos showing Office 2010 features you might not be aware of. This demo shows how to trim a video in a PowerPoint presentation. If you have any suggestions for features to include in this series, please leave me a comment.
  • Blog Post: It's not piracy - it's the Ultimate Steal

    If you're a UK higher education student or staff member, you can get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for the ridiculously cheap price of £38.95 - if you buy before 30th June 2009. Just go to The Ultimate Steal , register with your academic email address and buy online.
  • Blog Post: Office in the Clouds

    A version of Office Web Apps is now available to SkyDrive users for free! If you log into your SkyDrive, you’ll now see a little section informing you that you can create new Office documents with the familiar client logos. Clicking on one of these takes you to a new page to name your...
  • Blog Post: Better with Office - Workspaces

    Continuing this series of blog posts, I’m going to talk about document workspaces. The idea behind these is that sometimes a document needs multiple people working together on it. A document workspace is a site in SharePoint that can be used for collaboration. The standard template for this site includes...