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  • Blog Post: Customise a SharePoint List Form

    There's no point reinventing the wheel. Rather than sitting down myself to create a demo of this wonderful new feature you can get by combining SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010, I thought I'd link you to this video put together by the InfoPath 2010 team.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 7

    Continuing my series of demonstrations introducing the capabilities of InfoPath 2007. This demo shows how easy it is to create a form that connects to a database to view records, update records and create records.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint and Forms and Languages! Oh my!

    I had a conversation with a partner who wanted to implement forms in SharePoint (actually, he was wondering about using SharePoint’s survey features but came to the conclusion that Forms Services was better suited to the task). The difficulty was that the SharePoint solution in question would be deployed...
  • Blog Post: Five Reasons InfoPath is Awesome

    These are five of the main things that I think make InfoPath 2007 such a great piece of software. 1. Repeating Tables Unless a form has a ridiculous number of rows in a table, sooner or later, someone will have more items to enter than there are rows provided. Whether you’re listing items to claim...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 3: SharePoint Form Web Part

    This video shows the new web part in SharePoint 2010. It's now easy to embed an InfoPath form as a web part within a SharePoint page.
  • Blog Post: How to: Display a form in SharePoint

    Continuing my "how to" series with this requested demo. In this video, I show how to embed an InfoPath form as a web part in a SharePoint page. If you have a request for a feature you'd like to see demonstrated, please leave a comment.
  • Blog Post: How to: Hide a Section

    Continuing my series of "how to" videos, I show how to use conditional formatting to hide or show a section based on the values entered elsewhere in a form. Conditional formatting can be incredibly valuable when you're creating a long, complex form where people might need to fill out different...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 8

    This is part 8 in my series of introductions to InfoPath 2007. In this demo, I show the publishing wizard and how to share form templates with those who need to fill the forms out.
  • Blog Post: Why I love InfoPath

    The best way to explain why I love InfoPath and InfoPath Forms Services is to explain why I hate other incarnations of forms. When I was a student, I spent the summer holidays doing temp jobs so that I had money for the rest of the year. Temp jobs are generally not all that exciting and my work often...
  • Blog Post: Form Conversion

    One of the nice features of InfoPath is the ability to convert existing Word or Excel forms into InfoPath forms, potentially saving you a lot of time. When you load up InfoPath Designer 2010, you are first presented with the options of all the form templates you can design. One is labelled Convert Existing...
  • Blog Post: Improving Form Performance

    When you load up InfoPath forms in a browser, do you see this message? Probably. The important question is, for how long? Does the form open in a couple of seconds, or are you sitting waiting for minutes? There are various reasons why a form might be slow in loading up. In this blog post, I...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Awareness

    This very brief video is intended to give a glimpse at the sort of problems InfoPath could solve using features such as browser-enabled forms, conditional formating, data connections, data validation and so on.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath and Excel Services

    Given that I spent a ridiculously long time trying to get an InfoPath form to interact with a spreadsheet published through Excel Services, I thought this was a suitable subject for a blog post. If I stop someone else feeling like they want to beat themselves to death with their own keyboard, I will...
  • Blog Post: Making InfoPath talk to Visio

    In a previous blog post, I talked about how to get two Visio diagrams to interact on a SharePoint page. Now I’m going to bring that discussion back round to my favourite Microsoft product. How can an InfoPath form talk to a Visio diagram? Visio is a great tool for drawing detailed diagrams, potentially...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 3

    Continuing my series of introductory demos, this video shows some of the different submit options built in to InfoPath 2007, including email and SharePoint document libraries. The data connection wizard makes it extremely easy to set up these options so that the information entered in a form gets to...
  • Blog Post: Generating a unique form number - a SharePoint counter

    I’ve had a request to expand on my post about generating automatic numbers for InfoPath forms. I was asked to go into more detail about how to set up a SharePoint list to act as a counter. Go to the SharePoint site where you have your document library and create a custom list by the standard process...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 5

    This continues my series of introductory demos to InfoPath 2007. In this demo, I discuss the benefits of views and how to associate views to user roles.
  • Blog Post: Scenario: Budget Request

    Another scenario where InfoPath and SharePoint can aid business processes. In this demo, an employee fills out a budget request form, which is ammended by a manager and the results tracked using key performance indicators.
  • Blog Post: Workflow initiation forms

    With the 2010 version, a lot of work has been done to tighten up the integration between SharePoint and InfoPath. One example of this is workflow initiation forms. One of the things you can now do with SharePoint 2010 is create reusable SharePoint Designer workflows that aren’t attached to a specific...
  • Blog Post: Scenario: Holiday Requests

    This is a short demo showing a potential scenario for InfoPath and SharePoint workflows improving common processes. In this demo, an employee requests holiday, their manager reviews and approves the request, and then the holiday is added to a SharePoint team calendar.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 2

    Continuing my series of InfoPath demos. This video shows how quick and easy it is to create an InfoPath form with rich functionality - without needing to use code. This is not a guide on how you should build forms, but an example of what can be done.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 6

    Continuing my introduction series, this demo shows InfoPath working with SharePoint workflows. Data entered
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Introduction Part 4

    In this part of my introductory series, I will show how InfoPath can be used with SharePoint or Forms Server to provide forms through the internet browser.
  • Blog Post: How to: Connect to a database

    Continuing my series of how to demos. I had a request to do a video showing how to show red, yellow, green indicators based on values from a database. Yesterday, I posted a demo showing how to set up indicators. Today, you get to see how to connect to a database. The procedure is the same to connect...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath Partner Training

    I am going to be running training on InfoPath at Microsoft's UK Campus in Reading. This course is called Business Benefits of using InfoPath in Forms Development. The training is aimed at partners and intended to give a detailed overview of the business value and functionality of InfoPath 2007 and Forms...