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  • Blog Post: Better with Office - Metadata

    What is metadata? The simple definition is that it’s data about data. In the case of SharePoint, it’s information about files and documents stored within SharePoint. There are some bits of metadata that are included as standard, such as who created a document, who last edited it, where in SharePoint...
  • Blog Post: Better with Office - versioning

    This is the second part in my series of posts about the benefits of combining SharePoint with Office. I’m going to talk about versioning. Versioning is one of the major benefits a document management system has over a file share. A common scenario is for people to have a document stored in a shared...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint for Search

    This is the third in my series of videos showing how SharePoint can be used as a solution to a range of business problems. This demo shows some of the features that are designed to help SharePoint function as a search solution, such as basic and advanced search, people search and business data search...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint for Document Management

    Continuing my series of videos showing the capabilities of SharePoint as a solution for various business problems. This video shows some of the features relating to document management.
  • Blog Post: Multi-stage disposition

    I'm continuing my series of posts highlighting some of the new features in SharePoint 2010 by talking about one of the new document management features. In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, it’s a lot easier to have document management policies that are broken into stages. In MOSS 2007, if you wanted...
  • Blog Post: Better with Office - Workflows

    SharePoint has two levels of workflow capabilities. With Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, you get the ability to create your own custom workflows either with code or using SharePoint Designer’s workflow wizard. With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 standard, you get that ability still, but you...
  • Blog Post: Check-out and edit in SharePoint document libraries

    When I'm asked a question by a partner and feel that the answer is likely to benefit more people, I shall write a blog post about it. The question in this case was regarding checking out documents from a SharePoint document library and editing documents, and why check-out and editing aren't the same...
  • Blog Post: Custom Document Information Panel

    This demo shows how to create and edit a custom Document Information Panel for SharePoint documents using InfoPath 2010. It also shows how to filter drop down lists so that a second list displays different values based on those selected in the first.