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  • Blog Post: BI Bites 1: Sparklines

    This demo starts a new series of videos showing some of the capabilities of Microsoft's BI stack in bite sized chunks. This video shows how easy it is to add a simple chart to a table by using the new Sparkline feature of Excel 2010.
  • Blog Post: InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 2: Rules Management

    Second in my series of demos introducing InfoPath 2010 and some of the new features. This demo shows some of the different ways you can add and manage rules to a form template. It shows quick rules, the rules management pane and copying rules, as well as some of the different formating and action rules...
  • Blog Post: Office Mini 7: Mail Tips

    This video continues my Office Mini demo series with a look at a new feature of Outlook 2010: mail tips If you have any suggestions for features to include in this series, please leave me a comment.
  • Blog Post: Customise a SharePoint List Form

    There's no point reinventing the wheel. Rather than sitting down myself to create a demo of this wonderful new feature you can get by combining SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010, I thought I'd link you to this video put together by the InfoPath 2010 team.
  • Blog Post: Office Mini 2: Save to SharePoint

    This video continues my series of mini demos showing features of Office 2010 that you might not know about. In this video, I show how to save an Office document to SharePoint without leaving the client. If there’s a feature you’d like to see demonstrated as part of this series, let me know.
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Conference 2009

    There's still time to sign up for the SharePoint Conference in October. This event is open to Microsoft partners and customers interested in learning more about SharePoint. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the product and to build a network with others who may have knowledge that can help...
  • Blog Post: What is SharePoint 2010?

    I usually respond to that question with one of my own. Do you want the two hour answer or then ten hour answer? I’m not entirely joking when I say that. SharePoint is huge. It can do a wide range of different things and be used in an enormous number of scenarios for companies of any size in any industry...
  • Blog Post: Office 2010 Menu to Ribbon Guides

    When I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007, I adapted quickly. There were a few days of confusion but within a week, I was more efficient using the new Ribbon UI. The problem came several weeks later when I wanted to use a macro in Excel. I found myself flicking through the ribbons failing to spot...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 3: SharePoint Form Web Part

    This video shows the new web part in SharePoint 2010. It's now easy to embed an InfoPath form as a web part within a SharePoint page.
  • Blog Post: Office Mini 5: Insert Text

    This Office Mini demo shows a feature that's been around a while but largely unreguarded: insert text. If you've any suggestions for features to include in this series, please leave a comment.
  • Blog Post: Document Sets

    I'm continuing my series of posts highlighting some of the (many) new features which are going to be coming in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The content management capabilities of SharePoint have been extended, allowing you to group documents together as a document set. In MOSS 2007, there are...
  • Blog Post: BI Bites 4: Simple KPI

    This demo continues my series of videos showing the Microsoft business intelligence offering in bite sized chunks. In this demo, I show how to create a simple key performance indicators (KPI) based on a project task list and then how to display a KPI list in a SharePoint page.
  • Blog Post: BI Bites 14: SharePoint Dashboards

    I am continuing my series of short business intelligence demos with this look at how easy it is to create a BI dashboard in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 that can contain a range of different components. This file is available for download from my SkyDrive .
  • Blog Post: Articles and whitepapers

    In the approach to the official launch of SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010, more and more documentation is being released. Articles and white papers are being published on TechNet, MSDN and Microsoft Downloads. If you want to see what’s new, you can go to and sort by the released...
  • Blog Post: BI Bites 6: Excel Dashboards

    This video continues my series of bite sized Business Intelligence demos. In this demo, I show how to create a dashboard in SharePoint 2010 to display parts of an Excel workbook.
  • Blog Post: More theme customisation

    A lot of people, when they first get SharePoint, instantly want to make it not look like the out of the box SharePoint. In Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, there are a lot more themes to choose from. When you create a team site, there is a “getting started” web part with some useful links, including...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Ignite Online

    Want to learn more about SharePoint Server 2010 but can’t manage to make the classroom training sessions? This may be the answer. SharePoint Ignite Online training is now available on the Partner Learning Center. Partners can upgrade their skills to SharePoint 2010 through a series of self-paced...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint is officially sociable

    It turns out that SharePoint is very sociable, at least according to Gartner. They recently published their Magic Quadrant on social software and SharePoint is up there as market leader in this space. Microsoft is ranked #1 on Ability to Execute and overtook several competitors (including IBM) to become...
  • Blog Post: InfoPath 2010 Introduction Part 4 - Quick Publish

    This short demo video shows the time-saving capabilities of the Quick Publish button in InfoPath 2010.
  • Blog Post: BI Bites 10: PerformancePoint Services Scorecards

    This video is part of a series of bite-sized Business Intelligence demos. This video builds on the previous two to show how to put together a scorecard in Dashboard Designer for PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This video is available for download in my SkyDrive...
  • Blog Post: Office Mini 3: Templates

    This video is another mini demo to show features of Office 2010 that you might not be aware of. In this demo, I show how to make use of templates from to quickly produce new documents. If you have any favourite Office 2010 features or things you'd like to see me show, leave a comment...
  • Blog Post: Reusable no-code workflows

    There are several short-comings with designing workflows in the current version of SharePoint Designer (but there’s always Visual Studio and some excellent third-party tools to combat those short-comings). One of the problems with SharePoint Designer workflows for MOSS 2007 is that you can’t reuse them...
  • Blog Post: Get Going Now

    With the SharePoint Conference this week, Microsoft has begun lifting the shroud of secrecy around the next version of SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, due out in the first half of next year. In light of this release of information, I’m expecting to get asked more and more, “Why should...
  • Blog Post: BI Bites 7: PerformancePoint Services Data Connections

    This video continues my series of bite-sized BI demos. In this demo, I show how to use PerformancePoint Services' Dashboard Designer to create a data connection to a SQL Server Analysis Services data cube.
  • Blog Post: What's popular web part

    There are some new web content management features that allow you to track what content is being accessed by users in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This information can be accessed and analysed by the SharePoint administrators, but it can also be surfaced to the end users using the out of the box...