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January, 2012

  • SQL Server 2012 Webcasts

    Myself and colleagues (mostly Sam Solieman, but also will Thompson) have been running a series of webcasts on SQL Server 2012. The ones we've run so far have been recorded, so you can watch them on demand. The recordings are on the Partner Learning Center...
  • New SQL Server 2012 Demo now includes a demo machine for SQL Server 2012. This includes the Telco demo that was present in the BI X demo machine as well as new demos on SQL Server 2012 functionality. There's a set of demos on PowerPivot, including the...
  • SQL Server comments video

    This nice video has people giving their comments on their favourite features of SQL Server 2012. (Please visit the site to view this video)
  • SQL Server 2012 Customers

    The SQL Server team blog has posted recently about customers using SQL Server 2012 today . This post has five case studies of big customers who are on the early adopters programs for SQL Server, putting to use the new features of SQL Server 2012.
  • Amazingly useful site

    If you're a Microsoft partner and you've tried to find training courses and online learning offered by us, you'll probably be familiar with the joys of the Partner Learning Center. The Partner Learning Center stores information on what sometimes feels...
  • International SharePoint Conference, London

    I'm going to be speaking at the International SharePoint Conference in London on 23rd to 25th April. My subject is: No Budget, No Time, No Permissions. It's a case study of building a SharePoint site with no allocated resources. Come along to find out...