Like a lot of people around the world, I've been watching the Build Keynote. During this opening of the Build Conference, Steven Sinofsky presented about the upcoming Windows 8 and there were a lot of demos. The first lot of demos focused on the new Metro UI, which seems geared particularly for slate devices. It resembles the phone somewhat and is slick and shiny.

They showed a few different styles of devices, from ultra-light netbooks to massively powerful gamer machines, along with demos of amazingly fast start ups. (You'll probably get a better feel for the keynote if you stick the word "super" into that sentence a few times: "super fast", "super light", "super powerful", "super super.")

One thing I was concerned about, while watching the new UI demos, was that it seemed more geared to a fun slate than a professional computer. I was relieved to see some demos later on addressing that, showing the keyboard and mouse experience, multi-screen experience and some enterprise features such as security.

The keynote is a couple of hours long and packed full of demos so you can really only take in a fraction of the new features that get shown. Some look really useful. Some are shiny gimicks. Some are geared towards developers. Some will be important to everyone.

I definitely suggest watching the keynote and getting a feel for what's coming down the road from Windows.