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April, 2009

  • SharePoint is the answer!

    SharePoint is a huge product that can do such a wide range of things. Often, the hardest thing about SharePoint is knowing where to start when explaining what it does. So here's a bit of humour born of the idea that SharePoint is the answer to a wide...
  • InfoPath Introduction Part 5

    This continues my series of introductory demos to InfoPath 2007. In this demo, I discuss the benefits of views and how to associate views to user roles.
  • InfoPath Awareness

    This very brief video is intended to give a glimpse at the sort of problems InfoPath could solve using features such as browser-enabled forms, conditional formating, data connections, data validation and so on.
  • InfoPath Introduction Part 6

    Continuing my introduction series, this demo shows InfoPath working with SharePoint workflows. Data entered
  • InfoPath Introduction Part 7

    Continuing my series of demonstrations introducing the capabilities of InfoPath 2007. This demo shows how easy it is to create a form that connects to a database to view records, update records and create records.
  • Five Reasons InfoPath is Awesome

    These are five of the main things that I think make InfoPath 2007 such a great piece of software. 1. Repeating Tables Unless a form has a ridiculous number of rows in a table, sooner or later, someone will have more items to enter than there are...
  • InfoPath Introduction Part 8

    This is part 8 in my series of introductions to InfoPath 2007. In this demo, I show the publishing wizard and how to share form templates with those who need to fill the forms out.
  • SharePoint Hosting Webcasts

    In June, I'm going to be running a series of three webcasts for hosting partners. They will particularly be aimed at sales people. Each session will go through the features enabled by a licensing level of SharePoint, as well as the potential value of...
  • SharePoint partner training day

    Due to the high attendance and positive feedback for my first SharePoint training days, I will be running a third on 16th April in Microsoft's London offices. This is a free event for Microsoft partners.
  • What do I get?

    SharePoint is a very big product. I’d even go so far as to say huge. It has a wide range of capabilities in a variety of areas. This is a very good thing in terms of what you get for your money. It’s a very bad thing when you’re trying to get your head...
  • SharePoint Training

    I'm running more SharePoint training days for partners. The purpose of the day is to give a high-level overview of the capabilities and value of SharePoint solutions. The training is not at all technical but should give business persons an understanding...