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November, 2008

  • What will it cost me?

    I like browsing gadget shops. I enjoy looking round at shelves filled with shiny things, usually with flashing lights or fun noises. Everything is fun and techy and sparkly. The thing is, I can’t think of anything I’ve ever bought from those shops...
  • Check-out and edit in SharePoint document libraries

    When I'm asked a question by a partner and feel that the answer is likely to benefit more people, I shall write a blog post about it. The question in this case was regarding checking out documents from a SharePoint document library and editing documents...
  • SharePoint Business Process Management: I Choose You!

    The title for this post and the inspiration for the cartoon come from a joke that was made during my first couple of weeks at Microsoft. I joined Microsoft as a Partner Technology Specialist, with my area of speciality being SharePoint, with a focus on...