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Obligatory file photo: I am a Senior Security Strategist in the Security Technology Unit at Microsoft. My job is to explain to our customers how to run Microsoft products securely, and to the extent that it is needed, help the product groups figu

August, 2005

  • Death by PowerPoint

    I'm at yet another event, and this time I decided to go see a few of the other sessions instead of just trying to find as much free food as possible between my own presentations. This experience brought to mind an old concept: "Death by PowerPoint." It is almost embarrassing how some people use PowerPoint. Steve Riley frequently refers to e-mail as "the place where knowledge goes to die." Well Steve, you have it wrong. Nothing kills knowledge as fast as putting it in PowerPoint.
  • Password policies not honored when disconnected

    It's funny how some things seem so obvious to many of us who work at the mothership that we don't seem to realize they are not obvious to others. A couple of days ago we received a report that password policies were not being honored when a domain member...
  • First post - Where am I?

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