Yesterday we made version 2.2 of the Networking Guide available and it now includes the Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Scorecard for Lync Server. The Scorecard is used to implement Call Quality Methodology (CQM) as discussed in Appendix C of the Networking Guide.

The new features in this version of CQM includes:

  • PowerShell script to run the CQM queries against the QoE database
  • The ability to use different conditions to flag an audio stream as poor
  • The ability to remove off-work days from the results and thereby removing outliers skewing the poor stream ratios
  • The Excel 2013 macro-enabled Scorecard which can load the CSV files generated by running the CQM queries, draw charts, show the Top 10 Issues for various categories and not least update the Scorecard with green/yellow/red status for the different CQM dimensions

You can read much more about the Scorecard and how to use it in the Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Scorecard for Lync Server document included in the ZIP file located here. Enjoy!