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Internet fraud -- who's fault is it?

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Awareness is our biggest challenge, but we've been doing a lot to make this happen.  At this point the consumers that are walking into these rediculous schemes need to accept that they are, to some extent, the authors of their own misfortune.  I like this editorial by Robert MacMillan at the Washington Post.  Here's an excerpt:

I am a staunch defender of what I call the average computer user, but I wonder whether it's time to change my tune...  It makes sense that the Internet service providers and other stewards of our online experience should do their part to protect people from online danger.  But I need to modify that point of view. Everyone should know by now that we should never trust e-mail, mobile phone messages or instant messages from strangers who want to deal with our money. If you don't know the source, delete immediately. Some of you will be yawning by now because you know this already, but the Times piece points out a tragic reality that criminals know well already -- a sucker signs on to the 'Net every minute.

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