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  • Blog Post: Meet the New Windows Phone!

    Wow!  What a week it’s been.  Hot off the heels of the Windows 8 launch last week; today we have announced the release of Windows Phone 8 .  This release is a major milestone for us in that it’s a perfect match for a Windows 8 PC.  I’ve loved Windows Phone for a long time and especially...
  • Blog Post: Help make this Video into a TV Ad!

    You might have recalled in a previous post I did on some new Windows Phone 7 ads that have been kicking around.  At the bottom of that post I mentioned a university student who did his own concept video on Youtube.  Well his video caught the attention of the Windows Phone team and his video...
  • Blog Post: TechEd Australia 2012: Time to get Packing!

    We are only a couple of weeks away from TechEd Australia 2012 which means many of you are thinking about what you need to pack for the event. Sure you have to pack clothes and stuff for the event which I hope most of you can manage.  I tend to pack light and make sure I have room for the swag I...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine: November 2011 Edition is out Now!

    The November edition of TechNet Magazine is now out and focuses on Windows 7 deployment.  The day for Windows XP support is drawing closer so there is no better time than now to get user upgraded.  Check out some of the articles in this month’s issue. Windows 7:  The Time is Now for Windows...
  • Blog Post: New ASUS Windows 7 Slate

    I think the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 is the first Windows 7 Slate that I actually want.  It has a Core i5 processor, up to 4GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD.  They are not available in Australia as of yet but we have a couple floating around the office.  I had a chance the other day to have a quick look...
  • Blog Post: Screenshots of the NoDo Update for Windows Phone 7!

    Today the Windows Phone 7 March 2011 Update finally made it to Telstra handsets.  I updated mine today without any issues and it took around 40 minutes or so.  Below are screenshots of the process. I think we all know what we get with this update so no need to go through that here.  If...
  • Blog Post: Meet the next version of Windows Phone code named “Mango”

    Later this year we’ll be releasing an update for Windows Phone code named “Mango”.  It features 500 new features and looks pretty impressive from what I’ve seen.  Below is a snapshot of what’s coming and a video to give you a taste. Communications:  Easier to Connect and Share Threads...
  • Blog Post: Acer Aspire R7: A Notebook designed for touch….

    I don’t normally post marketing ads but this is too cool not to share!  I’m not sure about where they put the trackpad on this thing though.. Jeffa Technorati Tags: Touch , Windows 8
  • Blog Post: New IT Showcase Content: VDI Desktop to Contract Workers

    More great content from the Microsoft IT Showcase team and on a topic that a lot of folks are interested in. Providing Flexible, Security-Enhanced Network Access to Contractors with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Microsoft IT deployed a secure and cost-effective pilot solution called Virtual Desktop...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8: Less talking, more doing!

    Absolute gold! Jeffa Technorati Tags: Windows 8
  • Blog Post: Welcome to Surface!

    What a week!  Checkout more below! More at and you can watch the On-Demand keynote here. Jeffa Technorati Tags: Surface
  • Blog Post: The Making of Surface 2: Behind the Scenes Video!

    This video is short but offers a nice behind the scenes look at how Surface 2 was made and some of the key changes they made. Jeffa Technorati Tags: Surface , Surface 2
  • Blog Post: Happy Retirement Windows XP!

    Time to move off XP?  Little reminder for the upcoming end of support date. Jeffa
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Launched–Check out the Ads!

    Woo! Hoo!  Today is the day!  Windows 8 has been released to the world .  To celebrate I thought I would share with you some of the ads we will be showing around the world.  Check them out. The World is Ready <P><...
  • Blog Post: Meet the New Surface!

    Wow! what an exciting time!  Over on the Surface Blog we just made some announcements overnight about the Surface 2 , Surface Pro 2 and a bunch of new accessories. I for one am looking forward to getting my hands on the new Surface Pro 2 with a 256GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM.  This could really...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to Microsoft Surface!

    I’m still patiently waiting for mine but check out the new ad for these as well.  It wouldn’t be a launch day if I didn’t mention Surface. Movement You can order these now in Australia but unfortunately they are out of stock.  Make sure you check out the local Surface site for all the details...
  • Blog Post: Another Windows 8 Ad..

    The Windows Team on YouTube has been putting up some cheeky videos lately against the iPad.  This one is particularly good. You can see more of the comparison at Jeffa Technorati Tags: Windows 8 , Tablets
  • Blog Post: Introducing New Windows Phone 8 Devices from HTC!

    Well I got distracted again today with the announcement of some new Windows 8 Phone devices from HTC .  Today they announced two new Windows Phone 8 devices; the Windows Phone 8x and the Windows Phone 8S .  Both are gorgeous phones and come in a range of colours.  they have Gorilla Glass...
  • Blog Post: Check out the New Nokia Windows Phones!

    Recently at Nokia World 2011 Stephen Elop announced the first Nokia Windows Phones as part of the Microsoft/Nokia partnership.  This is an exciting time as Nokia has always made great hardware and now they have hardware running Windows Phone!  My first mobile phone in the 1990’s was a Nokia...
  • Blog Post: The new Nokia Lumia 925!

    Damn and I just got a new Lumia 920!  Click here to watch the press release of the new Lumia. Jeffa Technorati Tags: Lumia , Windows Phone