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June, 2013

  • Windows 8.1 Preview

    Check it out and download!  Get it here!   Jeffa Technorati Tags: Windows 8.1
  • Another Windows 8 Ad..

    The Windows Team on YouTube has been putting up some cheeky videos lately against the iPad.  This one is particularly good. You can see more of the comparison at Jeffa Technorati Tags: Windows 8 , Tablets
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin: June 2013 Release!

    Welcome to another round of security updates.  This is the last one for the financial year of you talk in that language. The following tables outlined the bulletins being released this month.  Make sure you prioritize these updates where appropriate...
  • TechEd Australia 2013: Registration is Now Live!

    This year TechEd Australia is turning 20!  Can you believe it?  It’s going to be a big year to look back on how the industry has changed and more importantly how it will change moving forward.  In this age of change TechEd remains the place...
  • Infographic: Evolution of the IT Pro!

    Have you ever used a floppy disk ?  How about a Macintosh Plus or Mac II ?  When I first started at Microsoft in 1987 the Macintosh Plus was one of the first computers I used!  When Windows 3.0 came out I started using an 80386 PC and my...