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New IT Showcase Content Available

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Recently our in IT department has releases a whole bunch of new Content on how we do IT internally. Check out the great content below!

Creating an Active Directory Site for Exchange Server
Detailed discussion and procedures on how Microsoft IT created a dedicated Active Directory services site to optimise the performance of Exchange Server 2003.

Note on IT

Security Enhancements for Remote Access at Microsoft
Detailed discussion of how Microsoft IT significantly improved the security of its corporate network remote access solution using the latest generation of Microsoft products, such Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Internet Authentication Service, Internet Security Accelerator 2004, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, SQL Server 2000, Public Key Infrastructure & Certificate Services, and Connection Manager. The solution deployed, called Secure Remote User (SRU), enabled Microsoft IT to manage specific remote desktop configurations, ensuring that all established security requirements are met when remote users access corporate network resources. SRU contributes to reducing the external attack surface of the Microsoft corporate network, thereby better protecting its intellectual property.


White Paper

White Paper Presentation

Monitoring Exchange Server 2003 at Microsoft
Overview of how Microsoft IT uses the Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Management Pack for Exchange Server 2003 to manage the messaging environment. Best practices and lessons learned from Microsoft IT early adopter experience are detailed.

Solution Brief
Solution Brief Presentation

Load Balancing an RMS Cluster Using NLB
Detailed procedure on how Microsoft IT uses Network Load Balancing to evenly distribute the work load with its Windows Right Management Services server pair.

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  • New IT Showcase Content Available: Creating an Active Directory Site for Exchange Server ほか

  • New IT Showcase Content Available: Creating an Active Directory Site for Exchange Server ほか